"You're not keeping it all down the side of the house Andy.  Not a chance!".

October 2021, and I had just told my wife that we had 'accidentally' become the owners of a small brewery, but not the premises required to operate it.

If you don't know the story, have a look at our YouTube channel. It's like Netflix but free.

As every homebrewer knows, if someone offers you a free brewery, you say yes. Don't you?

So I set about finding somewhere other than the side of the house to set it up, and discovered that it's not that simple. Apparently, there's laws and all that.

HMRC, AWRS, Companies House, local authorities, environmental health, effluent people, elf and safety. And you have to do exams. And pass them. 

You also have to dig holes, fit pipes and swear a lot.

So I did all that and here we are, a year later.

32 pubs, bars and festivals served.  20,000 pints sold and 135,000 videos watched.

Want to buy some beer?



'I need a little project'


'I wish you would move all of this home brewing kit out of my kitchen please'


'One day all this will be mine'